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Myths about homeopathy 9:


Other 'objections'


The following 'objections' to homeopathy do not fall under the heading of "myths", but they are frequently used against homeopathy, although they're not reasonable.



"It cannot solve everything"


No homeopath would claim to be able to cure everything, or even to help in every case.   For unknown reasons some people with chronic illnesses do not respond well to the homeopathy, just as some people fail to respond to other therapies.   In addition there are circumstances which require a different sort of intervention.   For example, while homeopathy may speed up the healing of broken bones, if they are not set properly, they will not heal correctly.   There are also cases in which rapid intervention is needed to save life, such as severe injury, a severe asthmatic attack, or a severe allergic reaction.   In such cases conventional medicine can save the life, but homeopathy can still have a role in speeding up recovery and working to prevent a recurrence of the problem.




"It can delay 'real' treatment"


This is a popular objection at present and is based on the assumption is that homeopathy does not work, and only deludes the patient rather than helps them.   It is a purely hypothetical objection, and is an attempt to scare people rather than inform them.


The reverse case is far more common, since many patients come to a homeopath because conventional medicine has failed to help them.   Given that the best time for homeopathic treatment is in the earliest stages of illness (whether acute or chronic), the success of homeopathy in such cases is evidence of its power as a therapy, and the reality of its effects.




"Serious illnesses may not be diagnosed in time"


IF this is a problem, it is certainly not unique to homeopathy, since "Studies of autopsies have shown that doctors seriously misdiagnose fatal illnesses about 20 percent of the time." (New York Times,  accessed 29 December 2007). Homeopaths who are not fully trained in medical diagnosis have been taught to refer patients back to their GP for tests, if they suspect a serious illness that has not been diagnosed. But it is in the nature of homeopathy that it can offer a well trained practitioner much greater knowledge of the health of the patient than can be obtained through a conventional medical consultation.

Almost every "scientific" argument which is used against homeopathy today was used (and answered) within 50 years of the discovery of homeopathy's principles. [...] And the only really new argument is fundamentally flawed.

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In some cases conventional medicine can save life, but homeopathy can still have a role in speeding up recovery and working to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

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